AcroPano Photo Stitcher 2.1.4

AcroPano Photo Stitcher 2.1.4 can stitch the overlapping photos into dazzling panorama automatically and perfectly. You can enter manual mode by clicking "Advanced" button, match the left number panes to the right ones, you will fully control over the final result for stitching, and export the stitched panoramas with different image quality.
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65 votes Vote

Useful software, but far too expensive for a one horse tool. I can do the same with Photoshop Elements 11 which costs exactly the same as Acropane Photo Stitcher except Elements 11 has so much more to offer.

Whiterabbit-uk, 14.01.2013, 07:11
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After the successful registration, the 'Registered version'and 'Buy now' options should not be displayed

After the successful registration, the "Registered version"and "Buy now" options should not be displayed
decii, 14.01.2013, 07:54
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31 votes Vote

Combine Acropane Photo Stitcher with a fully featured photo editing software like Photoshop Elements 11 (Elements 11 and previous versions back to v6 include a photo stitcher, plus loads of other tools & costs exactly the same as Acropane

Whiterabbit-uk, 14.01.2013, 07:14
22 votes Vote

program does not support previews, unless you really do not see the image, it is difficult to choose

jaba, 14.01.2013, 09:29
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20 votes Vote

I've tried several different panorama stitches and each time I get the message 'The auto stitch exist memory error!' Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Whiterabbit-uk, 14.01.2013, 09:49
14 votes Vote

stitch vertical and horizontal images in the same panorama

pedro-rafael, 14.01.2013, 12:23
10 votes Vote

The program should allow the user to select where the pictures should be stiched together not automatically do so. And if it does allow such intervention I couldn't find it so that should be corrected to make it more user friendly.

Alkaseltz9, 14.01.2013, 12:06
9 votes Vote

Improve the look of the GUI or at least give users the option to choose different skins. The interface is drab & boring.

Whiterabbit-uk, 14.01.2013, 09:49
5 votes Vote

Add Matrix stitching

Allow both horizontal and verticle stitching for a photo matrix as is done in the Gigapan series of software starting at $79 this has the added benefit of allowing someone with an older camera to take a group of 4 to 6 megapixel images and combine...
Bill Lewis, 14.01.2013, 14:04
4 votes Vote

make drag and drop feature. Default save the final image in the same directory as stiched images.

labeo7, 14.01.2013, 14:38